Richesse is a lifestyle brand based in New York City. 

We create

Richesse is a custom Swarovski crystallization service/fashion line in New York City.

DecoDen emerged from the Japanese pop culture scene as a for people to personalize electronic devices and make their own. 
DecoDen combines the paint, colored crystal to form mosaic like designs. By combining the highest quality materials and fun, cute designs it has captivated the imagination of Japanese girls everywhere.
Although this form of personalization is gear more towards a younger demographic, it embodies the design aesthetic and attention to detail that has made products from Japan world renowned. Japanese have a old word for this idea WA, which means harmony, peace, balance. 

DecoDen truly represents this ancient tradition and brings it into the modern world, it truly Neo Japanesque.

Everyone can use a little sparkle & gleam. All this glitz & twinkle can't help but get noticed. Shine on, baby!

Iridium is a lifestyle brand based in Chicago. We work flexibly with clients to fulfil their fashion and lifestyle needs – whether it be a simple shirt or a complex stand out piece. We use rare materials that are beautifully crafted and functional.  Whether you are looking for a design that will refresh, or an addition to your closet we are confident you will be pleased with our results.